We are making
robotics accessible
to all companies

Whether you are a manufacturing company or an integrator, discover how you can simplify advanced robotic cell management.

Simple and universal programming language
Object-oriented approach, compatible with main robotic brands and machineries, maintaining the full potential of each element.
Robotic cell motion auto-generation
Rapid generation of the whole robotic cell motion, optimizing robot trajectories and control movements.
Fast and precise deploy from virtual to reality
Simulating all trajectories in advance and checking for collisions saves a lot of time. Deploy is then faster and more accurate.
Automatically adaptable solution
Automatic motion adjustment to hardware and layout changes. Modify your robotic cell configuration and manipulated-object without modifying a line of code.

Robotic platform

A comprehensive and
integrated suite for
managing advanced
robotic cells.

Reduce costs and increase your ROI by managing your robotic processes automatically, efficiently, and with flexibility. Whether it’s a new installation or an already installed cell, our system simplifies the management of a robotic cell in all its phases.


Virtual simulation

Import the entire layout of your cell within minutes, along with the 3D CAD models of the elements to manipulate, to generate a precise and faithful virtual environment where you can simulate your processes.


Nocode and object-oriented programming language

Develop and modify cell programs in a simple, intuitive, and optimized manner through our NoCode interface, completely object-oriented. It’s straightforward and flexible for both developers and machine operators.


Automated path generation

Automatic generation of trajectories and cell movements. Manage your programs simply by focusing on WHAT to do; our system handles the HOW.

Dashboard HMI

Customized HMI panels and dashboards

A wide library of widgets to manage and develop customized HMIs for your both clients and final operators.


Advanced No Code Programming Solutions for Industrial Automation

Dispensing /
Pallettizing &


An intuitive, flexible and complete tool to configure, program and monitor an advanced robotic cell.

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Application already currently running in industrial sites
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time reduced in robotic cell installation
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Productivity increasing compared to a normal programming process
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Complete flexibility and autonomy in manipulation objects and layout changes

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