Case History

Double Pallet Automatic Palletizer
Among the different applications you can develop and manage with YK-Robotics, you can also find palletization. As we know, this application is one of the most requested but also most variable in the market. With our solution you are now free to configure and manage your palletizing applications in a very flexible way. End-user can now change pallet and box sizes autonomously while our system will automatically generate the best layout. It can work both with single or multi size boxes.

The solution

Streamlining Warehouse Operations
With a partner system integrator YK-Robotics has developed the following application
In particular, the end-user is able to manage autonomously:
Efficiency at work
Pallet Layout Generation

With YK-Robotics pallet layout generation is simple, automatic and, more important, flexible. The first operation is to create the layouts needed for palletizing, accordingly with pallet size and disposition, box dimensions and height of pallet. Our system guides the operator step-by-step. The platform provides visual simulation and time estimations of the pallet, as well as number of boxes and weight.

Extreme Flexibility
Easy variables changes

The flexibility of the palletizing solution was a priority for the customer. Indeed, the possibility of creating new pattern layout autonomously and in a simple way was key. Our platform allows any operator without any technical background to do so. Variables as box dimensions and pallet size and disposition can be easily modified while our platform can accordingly adjust and modify the robotic program. Furthermore, the operator can easily refer to a MES recipe in order to create new pallets. In case some changes are in contrast with hardware layout possibilities, YK-Platform will set a notification and will propose the most suitable solution to satisfy the operator request.

Empowering Simplicity
Human interface and custom dashboards

Accordingly with the level of permission, different users can get access to different panels and dashboard in order to operate different tasks. From simply start, stop and reset the machine, to read a recipe from MES, to modify part of the robotic cell program, the HMI can bi configured accordingly and specific widget can be selected in order to create a custom dashboard.


The results

A Versatile Palletizing Solution for Enhanced Flexibility and Efficiency
The company has obtained a simple and very flexible tool for palletizing, granting itself the possibility to increase production while keeping the required flexibility. Our customer can now create limitless configurations of pallets in a complete and autonomous way.

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