Case History

Mirror assembly with silicone and hot-glue
Customer requested a robotic solution that could produce several different size of mirrors giving only a range of minimum size and maximum size, while optimizing the production and maintaining the flexibility of the company. Gluing of components and silicon dispensing were requested for the application. Last but not least, an easy-to-use and intuitive HMI was requested in order to enable general operators to interact with the robotic cell and autonomously switch among different types of productions.

The solution

YK-Robotics for Mirror Manufacturing Optimization

With a partner system integrator YK-Robotics has developed the following application

In particular, the end-user is able to manage autonomously:

Efficiency at work
Ergonomic Start-up

With YK-Robotics the preparation and start-up of the robotic cell is simple, automatic and, more important, flexible. Accordingly with the mirror size required for production, the operator has to configure from the HMI the size related size or automatically read the order bunch coming from the MES. Accordingly the robotic cell will adjust the motion and dispensing of glue and silicon.

Extreme Flexibility
Quick and easy production changes

The flexibility of the solution was a priority for the customer. Indeed, the possibility of assembling new mirrors autonomously and in a simple way was key. Our platform allows any operator without any technical background to do so. Variables as frames’ dimensions and glass size and disposition can be easily modified while our platform can accordingly adjust and modify the robotic program. Furthermore, the operator can easily refer to a MES recipe in order to create a new production bunch. The key feature here is the management of speed and quantity of gluing and silicon dispensing.

Empowering Simplicity
Human interface and custom dashboards

Accordingly with the level of permission, different users can get access to different panels and dashboard in order to operate different tasks. From simply start, stop and reset the machine, to read a recipe from MES, to modify part of the robotic cell program, the HMI can bi configured accordingly and specific widget can be selected in order to create a custom dashboard.

Scalable solution
From assembling to packing

The company will need to scale the solution to other application automations, with YK-Platform it will be easy and effortless since the solution is completely hardware-agnostic. The possibility to switch among different hardware solutions without changing the way operators will interact with the robotic cell it’s creating a new standard. Providing companies a tool of automation instead of a single automated process.


The results

Achieving Process Efficiency with YK-Platform’s Scalable Solutions
The company has obtained a completely automated solution for its process while keeping the production flexibility they required. Since the company was new to robotic solutions and automations, YK-Platform provides a standard and scalable way to automate analogic processes without caring about technological gaps and complexity.

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