Case History

YK-Robotics Develops Custom Robotic Solution for Multi-Variant Industrial Switch Production
Customer requested YK-Robotics to develop a robotic solution that could cover 3 different variations of the industrial switch to produce, while optimizing the production and integrate a control quality station at the end of the process. Last but not least, one of the requirements was an easy-to-use and intuitive HMI in order to enable general operator to interact with the robotic cell and autonomously switch among the different type of productions.

The solution

Unlocking Assembly Efficiency with strategies and innovations for enhancing production processes
The YK-Robotics Team was selected between several integrators given the flexibility of the proposed solution that provided an end-to-end solution to the proposed challenge. Such flexibility and solution completeness were achieved by providing three key factors:
In particular, the following main components were integrated:
Efficiency in Action
Components selection
The robotic cell is a sophisticated application, the raw components enter the cell thanks to the 9 feeders on the back of the robotic cell, feeding the n.2 Flexibowl which give the requested flexibility to the system to manipulate the elements in quick succession. The first robot working with the raw components is R01, which is equipped with a camera to acquire components position and localizes the requested component. R01 then picks the component from Flexibowl, locating it in the proper calibrator. The goal of this activity is to feed the other two robots which will make machine tending and assembly operations. During this first process, the YK-platform editor (no-code programming software by YK) provides the possibility to use all the functionalities and features of open source vision (OpenCV) in addition, key high-level instructions commonly used such as “Detect and localize object” are brought to the editor for its usage within any process.
Seamless Coordination
Semifinished product assembly
Once the components are available on the proper calibrator, the second robot (R02) will pick them up and will start tending the press machinery which will assembly semifinished components. After locating the components in the press machine, our system will active the press. Once this process is finished R02 is picking the semifinished and locates it in the final calibrator, ready to be assembled with the other components. The heart of the robotic cell is the coordination between robots and elements, which is potentially very difficult to program and manage due to complexity in communication between different brand machines. YK-Platform works as a central brains connecting all the elements with a universal language, drastically simplifying the coordination and reducing associated integration risks.
Precision Perfected
Final product assembly
The final robot (R03) is the one that close the process, assembling the semifinished product together inside the plastic body of the industrial switch and closing it with a plastic cover. This robot is making very precise operations, with a precision of 0,1 millimeters.
Ensuring Excellence
Quality control
R03 then picks the final product and locates inside the quality control station to identify possible defects in the product. Once no defects are detected, the final product is located in piles for the final.
Empowering Simplicity
Human interface and custom dashboards

The cell YK-Robotics has provided is the state-of-the-art of robotics and it’s potentially very complex and difficult to use for no-robotics-expert operators but, indeed, it is not.

YK-Robotics provides with every robotic cell a special software called “YK-Platform” which consists in a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface for developers and general operators.

Whoever can interact with the robotic cell and understand what to do since our platform has an intuitive design and a completely no-code language. Furthermore, it is possible to create custom dashboards to monitor production insights, possible errors notification, read an order or a receipt and easily switch production process.


The results

Revolutionizing Production with Versatile Robotic Solutions
Customer has successfully optimized and increased its production thanks to the advanced robotic cell provided. The company can now produce 3 different kind of industrial switch with the same robotic cell.

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